2022 Mail Security Report

A Review of Global Mail Threat Incidents

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This report is constructed using two critical resources.  Open-source news reports provide valuable insights into context and motive. We then aggregate those individual events with official government statistics from organizations including the USPIS, ATF, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to provide a holistic view of the mail threat landscape. 

Key Findings

  • Injury 10-Icon
    increase in mail incidents on average over prior year
  • Triangle 6,9-Icon
    mail incidents reported
    in the US by USPIS and ATF
  • Mag Glass 242K-Icon

    mail items subject to
    USPIS forensics exam

  • Threat letter 9_10-Icon
    suspect items sent in
    letters and small parcels
  • Threat letter 920-Icon

    mail threats per day
    eliciting USPIS or
    ATF response

  • Powder 27-Icon
    of US mail-based
    threats involved powders

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