How Financial Services Can Prepare for Phygital Attacks

ASIS_webinar_Finance_Title_SlideMore than in any other industry, ensuring stability in operations and infrastructure
is of utmost importance in banking and financial services. Disruptions of mere seconds can result in millions of dollars
in loss. CSOs and CISOs have become experts in deploying layered, yet distinct, security measures to mitigate risks against physical and cyber-attacks.

Yet, emerging “phygital” threats – exploiting a physical vulnerability to launch a cyber-attack – will require security leaders to rethink their approaches.

  • Insider Threats - What level of knowledge do current and previous employees have about physical and cyber security measures?
  • Off-site Vulnerabilities - How resilient are the colocation sites?
  • Escalation Events - When to take steps to protect personnel from societal stressors?

Learn about current challenges and their approaches to security preparedness against emerging threats while forecasting new ones on the horizon.

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