On-Demand Webinar:
2021 State of Mail Security 

Mail threats across the globe are evolving, becoming more dangerous and expanding to new target profiles.  Over the last year, hoaxes and legitimate mail-borne attacks have impacted Global 2000 corporations, government agencies and private citizens.

In 2021, several hundred mail-borne threat incidents became public knowledge. RaySecur compiles data on these to provide security leaders with actionable insights to help inform effective security strategies.

This discussion will present an analysis of the publicly-known mail-borne attacks in 2021, within the broader context of official USPIS and ATF historical statistics.

Panelist includes:

  • Will Plummer, RaySecur CSO and EODSecur Director
  • Cody Martin, RaySecur Director of Mail Security
  • Chuck Randolph, Ontic Executive Director, Threat Intelligence

Analysis of Hundreds of Global Incidents!